Your Session Experience

When you arrive for your session, you are welcomed into a safe space.  Your session experience and personal information is completely confidential.  Plan for up to an hour and a half for your session time.


We will briefly chat about your intention and together we will set that intention in a positive way that can serve as an affirmation and set the tone for your desired healing.  Healing means experiencing wholeness -- the fullness of who you are when your life is expressing your very best through you.  As we focus on your current needs, the objective is to support and serve your highest good.


Removing your shoes and remaining fully clothed, you will lie comfortably on a massage table with pillows and blankets, whatever best helps you to relax.  We may also enhance the session with the use of color or aromatherapy.

If you have a preference for a particular modality, we will proceed with that.  If not, then a pre-assessment of your energy field will give the indication of  which treatment will be most beneficial, or if a combination of modalities may serve you best.  


The pre-assessment is generally done with a hand scan through your energy field (aura) or in some cases I will use the dowsing tools.  An assessment allows me to notice differences, perhaps irregularities and/or obstructions in the flow of energy through the field.  As you relax and close your eyes, you may feel indications in your field too and also in your body.  


After the assessment, then the treatment begins.


The modalities I use (hands on, sound vibrations, work in the biofield) are trusted and proven to be effective.  These methods are gentle and  non-invasive.  You can find a description of how each is applied by clicking the "SERVICES OFFERED" tab.  And you can read a little more about the session experience here.


During your session you may experience a relaxation response allowing you to have deep alpha or theta shifts of consciousness.  You may feel energy movement in and/or around your body; you may see colors in your mind's eye; or hear sounds; or notice fragrance; memories may come into your awareness; or you may participate in a scenario as if in a dream; you may feel sensations of heat or cold.  Some of these, or all of these, or none of these may occur during your session.  And you can expect each session to feel differently because the changing energy and your sensitivity is unique to each present moment.    


When your treatment is complete, while you are integrating and becoming grounded you may want to share parts of your experience or insights you gained during your session.   I may also have some recommendations that you will find helpful to support the changes in your energy repatterning.  


Individual experiences vary.  Some effects you may begin to recognize in the hours and days following your energy session are, of course, the response to your session intention -- often as an insight that guides you toward the intended result or sometimes the desire is fully delivered, and beyond that you may also enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep, a patience and peace with the issues of the day, a happier mood, more presence and vitality, a stronger ability to notice your good opportunities, and other beneficial changes.  This is possible, and probable, because of the Holistic nature of Energy Therapy.


F A Q:

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Alternative Healthcare, Integrative Modalities

Healing actually begins when we decide to release perceived limitations and become open to allow the shift of a new perspective into our lives.

Please take a moment for yourself right now to examine what you are willing to move beyond (release) and what you would like to accept into your life to fill that space (receive).  Remember -- there are NO LIMITS except the ones we may impose upon ourselves.


Take a few deep breaths, focus all your attention on you.  You deserve this.


“I AM WORTHY of recognizing and consciously becoming the whole and perfect Self I truly am."


”Today I am ready, willing, and able to release: ___________________________"

"And in it’s place I welcome into my life: ___________________________________​"


Think about how good it will feel when this desire manifests.  Imagine it already has come into your life.  Get ready for it, feel it, be it -- you are drawing it towards you now.  Your gratitude will attract it and invite it to stay.


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