Office Hours By Appointment 


to schedule, call or text 804-437-0037
session appointments are 60 to 90 minutes.



The session fee is $90 for a single session
or $250 for a *three session package
*the three sessions must be used within six weeks  
Pay by Check, Cash, or Zelle -- 
credit and debit cards are not accepted.
Also available: REMOTE / DISTANCE sessions $45.00

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                    Energy Therapy is appropriate for all ages and all levels of health
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Clients focused on a particular issue or goal typically schedule three sessions, within a few days up to about a week apart, to reinforce and fully integrate the repatterning.  Examples are challenges such as physical health, emotional balance, desire for companionship, financial abundance, and because it serves to regulate the endocrine system, Energy Therapy can help with menopausal symptoms, fertility, and support a full term pregnancy.


Clients focused on relaxation and stress relief, including those who are caregivers, generally schedule appointments once or twice monthly - or weekly in some circumstances.


Clients focused on maintaining health and well-being have periodic energy sessions to serve as "tune-ups."  

Energy sessions are especially helpful to acclimate the body to the new rhythm when the seasons change, and 

during a major life change such as marriage, losing a loved one, moving to a new home, divorce, starting a new job, etc.  Energy Therapy is frequently used as preventative care because it stimulates the immune system and has a beneficial influence on all of the body systems.


Periodic treatments are also helpful to those working on self development who feel they have reached a plateau in their journey and want professional assistance to further expand their awareness of personal truth and full potential. 


Clients using Energy Therapy to complement their doctor's care for an illness or disease condition will benefit from frequent sessions.  We can determine the optimal time between sessions by mindfulness of the indicators after the treatments have begun. 


Clients needing surgery support come to the office for a session a day or two before the scheduled surgery to relieve anxiety and tone the body and biofield;  receive a second session ASAP after the procedure -- either in the office or in their home where they are recovering, to release the trauma of surgery and support faster healing with less medication;  and a third session 3 to 5 days later to relieve any residual pain and continue to strengthen the body's healing qualities.  The fee for this three session surgery support, with travel is $350 or $250 if all three treatments are in the office. 



  Individual experiences vary. It is each person's responsibility to evaluate all health care received.  

      Energy Therapy is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.       


Gift Certificates

        Rosemary is available for 

personal energy sessions (in-office appointments or long distance / remote)

group workshops to explore subtle energy (informative slides and experiential activities)

dowsing to locate positive and negative energies affecting your home and property

consultations to clear and enhance your home environment

Want relief from pain? stress?  Proven methods to enhance well-being.