Evidence-based, non-invasive methods of healing and relaxation.  These work purposefully to align the subtle energy systems and clear non-beneficial energy vibrations.  This fortifies your body's natural balancing mechanisms and innate ability to self heal -- not just the symptoms, but to heal the cause of the disturbance.    


Here is a strong potential for you to feel good right away and even better the next day!


 Wholeness . . . Harmony . . . Well-being . . . is available to you and you deserve it. 

Spiritual Healing, Metaphysical Healing, Energy Medicine
Healing Touch

uses standardized techniques to clear and balance the energy flow of the bio-field within and surrounding the human body. This holographic field of vibration or frequency consists of: 

1) the meridian system within the          body, 

2) the auric field around the body,

3) the chakra system which

    interfaces between the two. 


Based on frequency, or vibration, the Healing Touch techniques encourage and strengthen the body's innate healing potential.  Each session gently  brings body, emotions, mind and spirit (Life Force) into harmony, to promote good health and wholeness. Individuals experiencing Healing Touch frequently describe an increased sense of relaxation, peace, and well-being after a session. 

Because its approach is non-invasive, Healing Touch is appropriate for all ages and all levels of health.  As an integrative therapy, it is compatible with all healthcare programs.  Healing Touch has been proven helpful to reduce pain, strengthen the immune system, enhance recovery from trauma (including surgery), ease acute and chronic conditions, support a better quality of life during dis-ease, and deepen one's self awareness and spiritual development.

To receive a Healing Touch treatment, the client relaxes comfortably while the practitioner uses her hands to direct the vibration applying the appropriate technique to clear, smooth and re-pattern the energy . This is done with a light touch to the body and/or movement in the auric field.

As a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Rosemary's core values match those of her professional organization,

*Healing Touch International: integrity, heart-centeredness in the work, respect for self and others, and implementing self care.

*recently renamed Healing Beyond Borders, Educating and Certifying the Healing Touch™


Want relief from pain?stress? Proven methods to enhance well-being.

HEALING TOUCH was developed 

by medical professional

Janet Mentgen RN, BSN, CHTP/I

Sound Therapy,Inner Sound Tuning Forks, Want relief from pain?stress? Proven methods to enhance well-being.
Inner Sound® Tuning Forks​

are spaced in *pure 5th intervals. Their precision makes them ideal as a healing therapy, using the capacity of the human body to resonate with pure sound, creating a relaxing and energy balancing state.


*A pure 5th is the naturally tuned form of the musical interval known as the perfect 5th in which the frequency of the higher tone is exactly one and one-half times the frequency of the lower tone. The pure 5th is an important element in our environment appearing frequently in the natural harmonic spectrum of the voice. It is also the most important interval in sound healing.


The use of tuning forks at this interval produces an organized wave of expansion and contraction throughout the body. The body very naturally and easily resonates with this harmonic tone and movement.


To receive an Inner Sound treatment the client relaxes comfortably while the practitioner activates a pair of forks and holds them near the client's ears.  The vibration moves through the body, via the connective tissue.  As this gentle activation occurs, the natural release of resistance creates a relaxation response. This relaxed state encourages the body to regenerate and the energy systems to balance and align, producing the stress-free, natural state of being.     


A basic sequence, a matrix, and/or a motif (these are "sound stories" with specific purpose) is selected to target the client's intended result. Whether the desire is related to physical discomfort, emotional upset, mental distress, or to enhance your physician's care, tuning forks support good health and well-being. 


Rosemary holds a certificate in Advanced Inner Sound.


Want relief from pain?stress? Proven methods to enhance well-being.

INNER SOUND® was developed by Jack Wilken and Arden Wilken.


BioGenesis Glass and Crystal Tools for Healing, Want relief from pain?stress? Proven methods to enhance well-being.

is known as the "light of creation" because the Genesis™ energy is "initial rotations," or Divine Blueprint, Pure Spark of Life.


Beautifully designed modern tools infused with and trained by ancient technology are used to awaken and enliven the natural state of homeostasis.


The frequency of the tools (created by the shape, color, and special process of training) along with the specific ways to use the individual tools encourages each cell to remember its perfect sequence of initial rotations. 


By focusing on the quality of perfection instead of problem issues, the experience becomes one of renewal and restoration as the glass tools re-educate and strengthen the inherent qualities, the inborn memory of original flawlessness. Similar to crystal healing, the frequencies of the tools are used to progress, regenerate or transform.


The intent for a BioGenesis session is "greater happiness, greater understanding, freedom from the past, help from above and preparation for the soul to make a great leap forward."  This relates to the etheric template of the energy body and therefore includes purification on all levels -- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


To receive a BioGenesis treatment the client relaxes comfortably while some tools may be laid gently on the body or near the body, some may be held in the client's hands and the practitioner will use other tools in the energy field. Clients often report sensing a coherent vibration or clarity around them after a BioGenesis healing session. Some describe it as  an effervescence in their energy field. Many have expressed a feeling of deep relief and lightness.


Rosemary has completed the advanced classes in BioGenesis, Advanced Course of Eternal Light: Course of Ability, Course of Love, Master Conference of Eternal Light, and the Star Cell Training Course.

BioGenesis Want relief from pain?stress?

BIOGENESIS® is presented

by Ascended Master Lantos through the Demaray family:

Cindy, David and Linda.