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Rosemary Proffitt, CHTP

Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

Subtle Energy Therapist, Reiki Master

Transformational Ambassador

Empowerment Coach

distance healing

Rosemary is available for personal energy sessions (in office or long distance / remote),

group workshops to explore subtle energy (informative slides and experiential activities),

dowsing to locate positive and negative energies affecting your home and property, 

and consultations to clear and enhance your home environment.

Feng Shui
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Twenty-one years in private practice, here's what inspired me . . .

Having a great interest in safe and natural ways to stay physically healthy, I began my studies by learning to use herbs to balance and maintain physical health and vitality.  For many years I have used herbal remedies for myself and family as well as recommendations for friends and clients.  Enjoying my relationship with nature's offerings, I also studied the use of flower essences and aromatherapy to enhance well-being on the emotional level.  We regularly use essential oils in my home and office for first aid and diffuse the oils to set the tone for a relaxing mood and keep the air fresh and free from germs.  This helped me to realize that the balance and true beauty found in nature is a life supporting energy, a vibration and a frequency that is beneficial and welcoming to the human spirit.  Reconnecting to this natural state of harmony is my goal for clients in my energy therapy practice, too.

I was drawn to study Feng Shui which is the art of design and placement of objects to encourage and enhance  a supportive energy flow in the personal environment -- one's home and property.  This is about removing obstacles that the conscious or subconscious mind finds distracting, as well as keeping the energy flowing so life doesn't get stuck or stagnant.  The subconscious mind has an important role in guiding our lives, and having its opinions and beliefs support our well-being can assist in creating a harmonious and auspicious life experience.  We receive energy into our field of awareness, we process this energy in all of our activities and give it into life with our energetic signature upon it.  We feel our best when this is a continuous flow -- much like how your computer's antivirus software gets constant updates.  The energy of each area in your home should support the activities that take place there and your home should support all aspects of your life and act as your personal retreat.  With Feng Shui you can create a space conducive to your Highest Good.  And the same can be said about your physical body's energy system, which can be cleared and balanced with energy therapy treatments to also support your Highest Good.

A helpful companion to my Feng Shui work came with my study of dowsing -- a means to locate and measure intensity of energy.  L-Rods, bobbers and pendulums are dowser's tools.  With a focused mind, the L-rods can find, among other things, lines of energy like that which reflects an underground water stream, detrimental energy in a space, or a boundary/level of someone's energy field (also known as aura or biofield).  Bobbers and pendulums can measure activity of energy such as "on a scale of 1 to 10, what effect does this potted plant have in this room?" or "how beneficial to my body is this particular food or supplement?"  or "show  the activity of this energy center" (also known as chakra) for the purpose of knowing if the personal energy system is active and providing health to the body or sluggish, potentially creating disease.  


My interest in energy, frequency, natural healing and a balanced lifestyle led me to Healing Touch in 1999.  Healing Touch was developed by medical professional Janet Mentgen, RN, BSN, CHTP/I in the 1980s.  I had the privilege of receiving most of my coursework with Janet as the instructor.  The certification program is endorsed by The American Holistic Nurses Association.  With Janet's wisdom of physiology she developed and taught techniques designed to stimulate the body's natural ability to seek homeostasis and perfect health.  By clearing distress vibrations, repairing distortions, and harmonizing the frequencies in the biofield, the body regains its natural power to reset to this perfection.  The techniques are gentle and heart-centered, usually creating a relaxation response that can last for days, weeks, and sometimes create permanent beneficial change.  After completing the comprehensive multilevel, multidimensional curriculum and certification requirements, I have remained a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner since February 2003.  I established my private practice in 2001 while going through the program.  I have served as mentor to a number of Healing Touch students and in a volunteer capacity, I've engaged in several community Healing Touch projects such as the Massey Cancer Center, medical condition support groups, and workshop presentations to Hospice groups, massage students, church groups and Holistic research clubs.           (click here to go back to TREATMENT DESCRIPTIONS)


The foundation laid in my educational studies of natural health through herbs and flowers, the ability to locate and measure energies by dowsing and the capacity to enhance the environment through Feng Shui came full circle when I became involved with Healing Touch.  It opened within me a true understanding of energy therapy and vibrational medicine as it applies to health and wellness of the physical body.  And from this, recognizing that we are Holistic beings, meaning that body, emotions, thoughts, and life force are all one and that each of these seemingly separate bodies affects the others.  


Since that time I have engaged in vast study and the experience of numerous concepts and modalities that apply the wisdom of this quantum physics model.  BioGenesis, Reconnective Healing, Usui Shiki Reiki, Inner Sound Tuning Forks, Quantum Touch, KorManu, Emotional Freedom Technique, the Healing Codes, the works of Eckhart Tolle, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Doreen Virtue, Abraham-Hicks, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Louise Hay, John Newton, Julie Renee, Jo Dunning, The Monroe Institute, The Association for Research and Enlightenment, The Institute of Noetic Sciences, Global Coherence Initiative, The Institute of Divine Potential, The StarGate Academy, Children of the Sun, Meg Benedicte, Dr. Sue Morter, Jeddah Mali, The Sedona Method, HeartMath, The Shift Network and Learning Strategies to name a few.

I have earned certificates in multiple energy medicine techniques to serve a wide range of clientele from surgery support to expedite recovery, and disease management for a better quality life, to those focused on evolving their self awareness and fulfilling the value they can bring into their lives with spiritual awakening.  I regularly work with facilitators, coaches, massage therapists, and other healers to assist and support their personal development. 


The influences of the modalities I have learned and integrated are all available to you, as my client, during a session. Healing always occurs through Self, and having exposure to higher frequencies creates the opportune accessibility for healing to occur because raising one's vibration affects DNA in the cells of the body.  And energy therapy modalities are a way to raise your vibration. 


I'll do a preassessment to begin, but things show up during a session, too, as they are ready to change. Energy re-patterning is very much PRESENT MOMENT work, so it is good to do what is called for in the moment by allowing the process to unfold as it will and addressing what shows up.  Following through to completion is the reason session timing is listed as 60 to 90 minutes.  We want to have enough time for the work to be thorough and feel complete.  This is how I work effectively to facilitate support for a client's goals.                (Click here to go back to SESSION EXPERIENCE)


Viewing life from an energetic perspective, I believe we all have the potential to thrive. The challenge is releasing the stuck energy that blocks the flow of physical health, emotional well-being, mental clarity and vitality so we can be in the present moment receiving the continuous flow of supportive life force, moving forward all the while because every moment truly is a new beginning. 


My prescription for everyone is to use Energy Therapy because with its wide range of health benefits and personal development support, you'll feel better and  FEELING GOOD IS IMPORTANT!  

You deserve to feel well and be happy!

Want relief from pain? stress? Energy Therapy can help you with proven methods to enhance well-being.
Holistic Health, aromatherapy, fengshui, dowsing, Reiki, BioGenesis, TuningForkTherapy
Rosemary Proffitt CHTP, member TMI
Rosemary Proffitt, member A.R.E.
Healing Touch Certified, endorsed by AHNA
Holistic Health, Reiki, BioGenesis, TuningForkTherapy