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Here you'll find links to helpful resources to empower your ability

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Energy moves with our INTENTION for change and our ATTENTION in the direction we want it to go.  

The positive attention we give to our goals attracts the opportunities needed to fulfill them.

Using these tools can help you attend to your intention.

Raise your vibe

smudging with sage

to purify the environment

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Rosemary interviewed on "Healthy Living with Marilyn" 

approximately 60 minutes

Veterans receive help from Healing Touch Energy Therapy

What is Healing Touch,

                   and how is this Energy Therapy applied?  

Here's an 11 minute video to explain . . .

Alternative Therapies Integrate with Standard Treatments

for  Mesothelioma

The Mesothelioma Center in Orlando, Florida offers support and information for those challenged by Mesothelioma. 

If you need help go to or call 1-855-675-7307


"Many people with mesothelioma turn to complementary and alternative medicine to ease cancer symptoms and relieve treatment side effects.  Combining complementary therapies with conventional cancer treatment is known as integrative oncology."


The evidence-based practices of Energy Therapies (like Healing Touch) may lessen pain and treatment influences on the body

to provide a better quality of daily life experience.

Try These Easy, Effective Self Treatments:

two ways to bolster good health

Quick Coherence® Technique


Create a coherent state in about a minute with the simple, but powerful steps of the Quick Coherence® Technique. Using the power of your heart to balance thoughts and emotions, you can achieve energy, mental clarity and feel better fast anywhere. Use Quick Coherence especially when you begin feeling a draining emotion such as frustration, irritation, anxiety or anger. Find a feeling of ease and inner harmony that’s reflected in more balanced heart rhythms, facilitating brain function and more access to higher intelligence.

how to connect body-thought-emotion

This technique and other helpful information can be found at

how to mix a detox bath

Enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub to clear toxins from your body and energy field.  

Are you breathing deeply to oxygenate your body properly?

Check out these breath exercises:

Three Stage Deep Breathing


Alternate-Nostril Breathing


instructions for oxygenating the body properly
Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet

This info can be found at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. website:

AUDIO: Alternate Nostril Breathing Exercise

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

Guided Exercise of Alternate Nostril BreathingDeepak Chopra

This audio has been gifted as part of Dr. Deepak Chopra's free

4 part Self-Discovery Workshop

  To find out about this workshop click here:

alternate nostril breathing exercise audio

Guided meditation


by Matt Andrews

Relax Into Your Healing BreathManTarA, Matt Andrews
how to heal with relaxation
Breathing Exercise to Shift Your Mood

recommended in The Oprah Magazine "Show Up For Life!" 09/17 volume 18, number 9, page 43

1- Place the tip of your tongue just behind your front teeth

2- Exhale with a whoosh.

3- Close your mouth and inhale through your nose for a count of 4.

4- Hold your breath for a count of 7.

5- Exhale with a whoosh to a count of 8.

6- Repeat this process three times.

how to get in a better mood

Sacred Healing Waters 

Sacred Healing Water blended from healing springs around the world.  

Free starter water and instructions to make your own for daily consumption

and for blessing other bodies of water.


water blessing



Kidney-Bladder Morning Flush Drink

Frequent urinary tract infections?

Over-active adrenal glands?

Need to detox your kidneys?

Here's a recipe you may want to try:

Drink it daily for a week or two and see the difference it can make for you.

This recipe is from Dr. Richard Schulze.  I recommend his herbal products and detox programs.  I use them myself.  Find out more at

Keep your urinary system healthy

YIN - YANG Water

Have you tried it?

drink healthy water

There are multiple resources on the web about using this healing water.  

I share it with you after learning about it from Master Chunyi Lin,

founder of Spring Forest QiGong

music to soothe the soul

Musical Rapture

a healing gift for humanity

Free MP3 encoded with healing frequencies.  Read the beautiful story of how this Divine music came into being.  Use it as you meditate, play it in the background during your day, drift to sleep with it each night. Receive the healing it offers.

MOTHER MARY'S ROSARY FOR ASCENDING HUMANITY is a GIFT from the Feminine Aspect of God that is designed to help us with our Ascension process. The Divine Intent of this wondrous activation is to seal our bodies permanently in the Immaculate Concept of Eternal Youth, Vibrant Health, and Radiant Beauty.  These audio tracks are offered here with permission from Patricia Cota-Robles (Era of Peace) and Jacklyn Johnston (You Awakening). This program was presented on 12-12-2016 @ 12 noon.  The activation is to ready our DNA frequency for an intense download of Light during the period of January 1st thru 11th, 2017.  
***Even though it sounds time-sensitive, this activation is helpful any time you choose to use it.***
free guided meditation to increase joy
Mother Mary's Rosary for Ascending Humanity (activation only) - Patricia Cota-Robles
Mother Mary's Message and Activation Practice - Patricia Cota-Robles

Quad Grid Decree

Use to clear and harmonize your personal energy field,

property, home, car and workplace.

protection decree for self and property

This and other techniques and spiritual hygiene practices can be found at Alchemical

how to take good care of yourself
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you deserve to be well and feel happy