Inner sound

Inner Sound® Tuning Forks​

are spaced in *pure 5th intervals. Their precision makes them ideal as a healing therapy, using the capacity of the human body to resonate with pure sound, creating a relaxing and energy balancing state.


*A pure 5th is the naturally tuned form of the musical interval known as the perfect 5th in which the frequency of the higher tone is exactly one and one-half times the frequency of the lower tone. The pure 5th is an important element in our environment appearing frequently in the natural harmonic spectrum of the voice. It is also the most important interval in sound healing.


The use of tuning forks at this interval produces an organized wave of expansion and contraction throughout the body. The body very naturally and easily resonates with this harmonic tone and movement.


To receive an Inner Sound treatment the client relaxes comfortably while the practitioner activates a pair of forks and holds them near the client's ears.  The vibration moves through the body, via the connective tissue.  As this gentle activation occurs, the natural release of resistance creates a relaxation response. This relaxed state encourages the body to regenerate and the energy systems to balance and align, producing the stress-free, natural state of being, releasing the burdens and stuck energy of issues, feelings and experiences stored in the organs and tissues of the body.  


A basic sequence, a matrix, and/or a motif (these are "sound stories" with specific purpose) is selected to target the client's intended result. Whether the desire is related to physical discomfort, emotional upset, mental distress, or to enhance your physician's care, tuning forks support good health and well-being. 


Rosemary holds a certificate in Advanced Inner Sound.