CLIENT VIBES - Testimonials

“I have worked with many who have done Healing Touch and Rosemary is truly outstanding.  Her ability to tune into where my energy is blocked, and to release these blocks is phenomenal.  I would highly recommend Rosemary to my friends and colleagues, and in fact did so recently when I promoted her services at a  Women's Retreat."


"Because of a very strange happening, I suffered a pinched nerve radiating pain from my fingers to my neck. It was severe, even getting in and out of bed.  After 2 sessions with Rosemary, I got relief, and am now on the road to complete recovery.  Rosemary's knowledge of energy work, enhanced by her ongoing study of new methods and her compassionate, loving presence render her a very effective healer.  I highly recommend her services."


"A few days after my energy session, the rash was completely cleared away, and it hasn't returned."


"My Trauma Release session allows me to drive again with confidence, free from fear of another accident."


"I loved the relaxation and centering I experienced with Rosemary!  I felt a deep, long lasting peace after our session together and I would highly recommend her. Rosemary is very gentle and kind and truly cares about your health and wellbeing.  Don't hesitate to call her - she really helps."


"I'm not able to travel to her office for treatment so I have been getting remote sessions from Rosemary on a regular basis.  Most times when I am receiving my session I can feel energy moving in my body and I usually go to sleep soon after the session starts.  Whatever she does, it sure works for me.  I was skeptical about Healing Touch and did not expect it to help me at all but I tried it because nothing else was making me feel better, even my doctor's prescribed medications.  AND THIS DOES! "


"Rosemary offers a wonderful service.  I found myself completely relaxed and worry free during and after her session.  The session brought renewal to my otherwise hectic schedule.  I was able to let all my worries and troubles subside and concentrate on tranquility and peace.  Contact Rosemary if you need to refresh your inner being: you'll feel so much better."


"Rosemary is like a mentor to me.  I look forward to my sessions with her twice a month.  She helps me set goals that frame my issues in positive ways.  No matter what the struggle is in my life I always feel better after seeing her."                                                                 --T.A.

"Rosemary is outstanding in her capabilities to deal with the energy body.  I used her services when I was emotionally stuck in a situation at work.  I had tried other things, but just couldn't get over it.  Her energy therapy session gave me a new perspective on the problem & then my choices became clear.  Being able to make a decision & being motivated to act on it changed my life for the better.  I credit Rosemary's work for being the catalyst that brought me the change I needed.  Now I have energy sessions with her regularly because it helps me keep balance & get through the trying times."


"Rosemary is very intuitive, attentive and knowledgeable, she is a beautiful soul filled with positive energy that fills the treatment area & beyond.  Very therapeutic and healing.  You will feel the difference in yourself after only 1 treatment.  

More treatments only keep getting better."


"I am more deeply relaxed than ever before.  This allows me to respond instead of react to my children.  We are all much happier!"


" I have been seeing a Healing Touch Practitioner for nearly thirteen years.  In that time, I have had four Healing Touch Practitioners due to moving.  Rosemary was my Practitioner for over 6 years.  I have spent more time with her than any of my other Practitioners.  She is wonderful, kind, generous, sincere and professional.  She kept me grounded and healthy.  Rosemary is an astute and gifted healer.  Her healing helped me successfully navigate through the stresses of my life.  Through her energy work and sound therapy, I was able to deal with emotional issues and grow spiritually.  I hope the future takes me closer to Richmond so I can benefit from her gifts once again."


"The energy work fosters change.  I'm becoming a better me -- more in tune with my thoughts and feelings."


"I went to see Rosemary after my Mom passed.  We did several therapeutic healing sessions which helped me during a really sad time.  Her sessions helped release negative energy and also helped me find balance during the chaos that life sometimes brings.  I made several more appointments with her later in the year.  Really healing and therapeutic.  She is wonderful to talk with and understands completely."              


"Rosemary is a skilled, caring and gifted therapist who has trained for many years in a variety of subtle energy healing modalities. She presents to her clients an exquisitely beautiful physical space and a spiritually inspired environment for renewal and healing, utilizing several methods and tools matched to her client's needs for gentle yet powerful energy shifts.  Both personally and professionally, she excels in every way." 


"I can, from personal experience, highly recommend Rosemary Proffitt and her healing energy work.  She is dedicated to continuously upgrading her professional knowledge and conscientious in offering the highest level of service.  I consider her a top-notch healing professional because she not only knows her work, she is the loving being that heals by her presence with you.  She truly cares for her patients."                                            


"Rosemary is an exceptionally gifted healer.  Her work in various modalities and experience with those modalities translate to her being highly effective in energy work and healing."


"Rosemary's work is second to none.  She intuitively knows exactly what modality to use to achieve the greatest good for her clients.  On each occassion I visited her, my results were amazing.  Exactly what I needed. Her studies are on the cutting edge of Energy Medicine.  She is kind, loving, professional and a gifted practitioner.  I recommend her highly to anyone in need of balance in their lives."


"Rosemary creates an environment of healing that you can feel before the session even begins.  Her personality, knowledge, and manner during the sessions are gentle and calming, yet powerfully healing."


"Rosemary is an energy healer.  She is intuitive, insightful, grounded, and creative.

I love her energy and her approach to healing."


"My pain lessened from a 7 down to a 3 or 4 during my first session.  Now I take less pain medication."


"I feel like I've gotten back a part of myself that had been missing! I feel whole again!"


"Rosemary is versatile in the modalities of natural healing she can administer and conscientious in maintaining her continued, ever-expanding education.  A healing session with her is a real treat!  She is a healer at heart!"


"My doctor is amazed that my broken bone mended so quickly!"


"Rosemary is a skilled and caring subtle energy therapist who I have gratefully seen for sessions many times over the years. Her personal energy is sweet, nurturing, and skillfully focused toward integrating her many tools for enhanced experience and healing as needed.  Her finely-tuned awareness and intuitive senses allow her to offer sessions which are as steeped with insights and imparted guidance as they are calming, relaxing, and healing whether on physical, mental , and/or emotional levels. The altered states which I achieved in sessions offered me opportunity to open my own channels of inner wisdom and knowing. Rosemary's healing room is beautifully appointed and lovingly attended to by the "seen and unseen" forces.

Visit it soon! You'll be very glad you did." 



"She really knows how to relax you and help you ground and center yourself.  I do recommend for energy cleansing and she has many tools to use for your specific needs. Very informative and she's got a very soft  touch." 


"After finding the flyer for Good For You,  I met Rosemary Proffitt in the spring of 2014.  I have MS and was interested in experiencing Healing Touch and learning more about Reiki and other services that Good For You Energy Therapy, LLC provides.  With my very busy schedule and as my time permits, I have had several sessions with Rosemary to attempt healing my body by using my mind.  The sessions are in her home office with the environment very comfortable and conducive for 'reaching inward' to my mind.  Some of our sessions have included (but not limited to) Crystals, Tuning Forks and (hands off) healing touch.  After each session, I leave Rosemary with more Mental Clarity and Balance, a New Awareness and a feeling of Enlightenment.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Rosemary and always look forward to the next!"