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An holistic way to improve your health and well-being.Health and Relaxation, Richmond VA

Welcome to your opportunity for physical health,

self development, stress relief and deep relaxation.​  


Are you presently challenged in some way?  

An Energy Therapy session could help you find your solution.

Want relief from pain? stress?

Energy Therapy can help you with proven methods to enhance well-being. 

Satisfactory and sometimes profound results occur using Energy Therapy to

• deepen self awareness & spiritual development

​• reduce pain

• ease acute & chronic conditions (including allergies)

• accelerate healing of wounds & bone fractures   

• enhance recovery from trauma (including surgery)

• moderate blood pressure

• relieve mental distress/anxiety

• support a better quality of life while managing disease

strengthen the immune system

• empower the mind to support the body's ideal weight

 balance hormones for an easier full term pregnancy

• rejuvenate the body

• establish/promote relaxation & quality sleep

• positive change for any condition that hinders well-being

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Available Treatments

  • Healing Touch

  • Reiki

  • Sound Therapy

  • BioGenesis

  • Remote/Distance Sessions

Body Mind Spirit
Exercise to balance and center, you will feel better

Use this exercise to ground, expand, balance and center your aura field.

YOU are physical body, intellectual thoughts, emotional feelings . . . and LIFE ENERGY.


                I m a g i n e   b a l a n c e



Think of coordinating all these aspects

of yourself to  f u n c t i o n   in   u n i s o n.


Energy Therapy can offer you this harmony.


Reclaim your natural state of being.


L I F E   IS   J O Y !​   Experience  it  that  way.​​​​​​​​​​



Honor this moment as your new beginning, Schedule your appointment today!

Want relief from pain?stress? Proven methods to enhance well-being.

GOOD FOR YOU! ENERGY THERAPY can help you change your stumbling blocks into stepping stones toward the life experience you desire.  These modalities have the potential to open your heart space to a true understanding of your "Real Self" so you can discover your abilities, apply your wisdom with confidence, and connect to your purpose of Being.  Why are you here?  How grand can life become for you? How would recognizing your unique perfection change your perception of the world?  You can strengthen your confidence and find your courage to accept change gracefully by witnessing your "Refined Nature," the guiding current of unconditional Love and the Light of understanding that is within all of us, hidden by the dramas, illusions, belief systems and thought forms that bombard us daily.  The Inner Self supports you in becoming better in every way, all you need to do is listen and follow.  Receptivity to the sweetness of life, finding acceptance and even joy is always available.  And this can change the worries, concerns and challenges of physical health and every aspect of your life.  There are many tools you can use to reach this place of greater awareness within, and Energy Therapy is surely one of these tools.  I hope you'll decide to give it a try -- it's GOOD FOR YOU! 


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